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Toyota & Microsoft team up! Toyota Connected by Azure …connect drivers to the future

Toyota est un des industriels qui, au Japon initialement, s’est le plus investi dans le développement de services d’information relatifs à l’automobile, ce dès les années 1990. Mais là en 2016, ce sont deux titans qui font équipe. Les géants de l’automobile japonais Toyota et de l’informatique américain Microsoft ont annoncé la création d’une société conjointe pour améliorer l’analyse des données massives (big data) relatives aux véhicules, et proposer davantage de services.

Toyota & Microsoft team up! Toyota Connected power by Azure

Cette nouvelle entité, appelée Toyota Connected, doit élargir l’expertise du groupe nippon dans la gestion d’informations et le développement de services les exploitant, le tout avec l’aide du système Azure (informatique mutualisée en réseau) de Microsoft, a expliqué Toyota dans un communiqué.

« Cette société servira de plaque tournante de gestion de données pour les opérations mondiales de Toyota et soutiendra un large éventail d’initiatives envers les consommateurs et les institutions gouvernementales », a précisé le constructeur.

Il s’agira de développer des services censés mettre la technologie à l’arrière-plan pour améliorer la conduite tout en donnant la sensation au conducteur qu’il reste seul maître à bord.

« Toyota Connected va aider à libérer nos clients de la tyrannie de la technologie. Il rendra la vie plus facile et nous aidera à revenir à notre humanité » - Zack Hicks, directeur général de Toyota Connected et chef de l’information chez Toyota Motor en Amérique du Nord

Basée à Plano, au Texas, Toyota Connected aura deux missions : proposer des services intégrés et contextuels, et exploiter l’analyse de données, pour concevoir des produits nouveaux destinés aux clients, concessionnaires, distributeurs et partenaires.

« Cette nouvelle société se fonde sur le partenariat existant entre Toyota et Microsoft et les ingénieurs de Microsoft vont travailler avec Toyota Connected dans leur nouvelle installation, fournir un soutien continu », indique Toyota.

La structure de Toyota Connected, créée par Toyota Media Service, dont Microsoft est actionnaire, découle d’une réorganisation globale des activités du groupe Toyota Motor en diverses sociétés. Cette entité se concentrera sur l’expansion des technologies connexes de traitement de l’information.

Les domaines traités iront des services d’information et navigation dans la voiture, à la maison connectée (domotique, robotique) en passant par tout ce qui a trait à la personnalisation, la sécurité, l’urbanisme « intelligent » et aux services de données pour les filiales et des partenaires du groupe.

English summary

Toyota and Microsoft connect drivers to the future

Toyota and Microsoft are teaming up to create a world where cars are giant smartphones that you ride in, with a virtual assistant that knows the best route to take, whom to notify if traffic will make you late for a meeting, what your blood pressure is doing during stop-and-go, and what restaurants at the next exit might be most to your liking.

Toyota announced today that it’s creating a new company called Toyota Connected to serve as the carmaker’s data science hub as it seeks to connect cars to people’s daily lives. Microsoft’s Azure will be the cloud computing platform, providing a hybrid solution for everything Toyota Connected creates as it works to make driving more personal, more intuitive and safer.

“We’ve all been talking about big data for a long time, but we are at a unique point in history where the technology is catching up with what we hope to achieve by delivering new services and capabilities into the vehicle.” - Zack Hicks, president and chief executive officer of Toyota Connected

Technology is becoming as important to carmakers as engines and steel, so Toyota’s goal with the new company – based in Plano, Texas – is to significantly expand its capabilities by building on an existing partnership with Microsoft. The new venture will consolidate Toyota’s initiatives in data center management, data analytics and data-driven services development under Hicks, who also will keep his current role as chief information officer at Toyota Motor North America.

“The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation as drivers increasingly see their cars as mobile devices that extend their digital lifestyle. That means people now care as much about their car’s computing power as its horsepower. So we’re working closely with carmakers, including this deep partnership with Toyota, to make automobiles more intelligent with sensors, screens, connectivity and vast networks of data that will help improve the whole driving experience.” - Kurt DelBene, Microsoft’s executive vice president of corporate strategy and planning

Toyota Connected will be evaluating and developing a myriad of technologies, Hicks said.

For example, a steering wheel could monitor a driver’s heartbeat and respiration while the seat turns into a scale, offering continuous health monitoring much like wearable tracking devices do now, he said. The car’s system might connect with other cars to learn that there’s traffic ahead, and then email the organizer of a driver’s intended meeting to let them know of the delay. And a check-engine warning could prompt the system to scan the customer’s and dealer’s schedules to suggest a good appointment time, and then book it, with the touch of a screen.

The company aims to “dampen down” technology so it doesn’t overwhelm people, leaving them hunched over their smartphones or car screens in bewilderment, but is immersive and intuitive instead – and less distracting to drivers, to improve safety.

Microsoft, which recently shared other news on connected-car partnerships, said it will work with Toyota Connected in the new facility in Texas, providing continuous engineering support across a broad range of data analytics and mobile programs. The new company will initially offer products and services in North America and then will expand into other Toyota markets.

“We’ll be able to bring you services that make your life easier, and push the technology into the background and give you those things you really want, which isn’t a blaring screen, it’s really letting people know that you’re running late for a meeting.”

“As we look for the future, Toyota can’t go there alone, and I don’t think any company can go there alone,” Hicks said. “This is a great partnership between Toyota and Microsoft to be able to deliver new, contextual, immersive and innovative experiences in the car that you couldn’t get on your own without that relationship.”

- Zack Hicks, president and chief executive officer of Toyota Connected

Toyota Expands Focus on Software- and Data-Driven Mobility with Toyota Connected

PLANO, TEXAS, April 4, 2016 – Toyota today announced that it will launch Toyota Connected, Inc. to significantly expand the company’s capabilities in the fields of data management and data services development. The new company will serve as a data science hub for Toyota’s global operations and will support a broad range of consumer-, business- and government- facing initiatives.

The launch of Toyota Connected builds on Toyota’s global vision of a future of mobility that is clean, safe and convenient. The company will leverage the power of data science through Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology to develop predictive, contextual, and intuitive services that help to humanize the driving experience while pushing the technology into the background.

“Toyota Connected will help free our customers from the tyranny of technology. It will make lives easier and help us to return to our humanity,” said . “From telematics services that learn from your habits and preferences, to use-based insurance pricing models that respond to actual driving patterns, to connected vehicle networks that can share road condition and traffic information, our goal is to deliver services that make lives easier.” - Zack Hicks, Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Connected and Chief Information Officer at Toyota Motor North America

Based in Plano, Texas, Toyota Connected will launch with two mandates: delivering seamless and contextual services, and using cutting-edge data analytics to support product development for customers, dealers, distributors, and partners. In support of these goals, the new company will consolidate Toyota initiatives in data center management, data analytics, and data driven services development.

In addition, the new company builds on Toyota’s existing partnership with Microsoft to accelerate R&D efforts and deliver new connected car solutions and elevated customer experiences. Microsoft engineers will work with Toyota Connected in their new facility, providing continuous support across technology areas and leveraging a broad range of data analytics and mobile programs. Toyota Connected will adopt Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, employing a hybrid solution globally.

“Toyota is taking a bold step creating a company dedicated to bringing cloud intelligence into the driving experience. We look forward to working with Toyota Connected to harness the power of data to make driving more personal, intuitive and safe.” - Kurt DelBene, executive vice president, Corporate Strategy and Planning at Microsoft

Toyota Connected’s structure builds on Toyota Motor Corporation’s global re-organization into product-based companies, and will focus on expanding Toyota’s work in connected and data science technologies. Toyota Motor Corporation Senior Managing Officer Shigeki Tomoyama will be Chairman, with Toyota Motor North America Chief Information Officer Zack Hicks serving as Chief Executive Officer.

The structure will allow Toyota Connected to centralize company initiatives across a broad range of emerging technology fields, ensuring that the common focus of all of them is the customer. Program areas will include in-car services and telematics; home/IoT connectivity; personalization; safety; smart city integration; and a broad range data services for Toyota affiliates, its dealers; fleet services and more.

At launch, Toyota Connected is already providing a range of data and computer science services across Toyota’s operations, including support for ongoing research into artificial intelligence and robotics and the Toyota Research Institute.

At the heart of Toyota Connected is Toyota’s belief in human-centered mobility and a fundamental commitment to personal privacy. Toyota Connected will operate in full support of Federal Trade Commission’s Privacy Principles for Vehicle Technologies and Services.

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