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McLaren 570GT by MSO à Pebble Beach lors de la Monterey Car Week 2016 au #ConceptLawn

McLaren returns to Pebble Beach with USA debut of the 570GT, 570S GT4, et présente le concept 570GT by MSO au Concept Lawn des constructeurs présents avec leur récentes productions d’exception. McLaren Special Operations is bespoke division of McLaren Automotive, dedicated to helping you take McLaren ownership even further.

McLaren returns to Pebble Beach with u.s. debut of the 570GT, 570S GT4

.. Start your engines and let the McLaren Road Rally to Pebble Beach begin .. #mclarenrally

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McLaren Automotive is returning to the historic Monterey Car Week, starting August 15, 2016, with the U.S. debuts of the McLaren 570GT road car, the 570S GT4 race car and new activations which will showcase McLaren’s strong heritage and current model line-up. This is the seventh year McLaren Automotive will have a significant presence at The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, bringing enthusiasts and owner’s together year-after-year since 2010, when McLaren used the venue to show the concept form of its first modern-era road car.

Over the course of Monterey week, McLaren will introduce the US to the 2017 570GT with several examples of the car to be found around the peninsula. The car will make an appearance at McCall’s Motorworks Revival on Wednesday evening. It will then be on display and doing drives at the McLaren Driver Experience Thursday – Saturday, followed by a presence at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday.

The new McLaren 570S GT4 race car will also be displayed for the first time on U.S. soil. The latest McLaren race car, which already has one race win to its name, is currently completing the final development stages in real-world race environments in Europe and is eligible for all GT4 competition globally with customer teams for the 2017 season. In Monterey, it will be shown alongside a McLaren P1TM GTR and M8F Can Am race car on August 17 at McCall’s Motorworks Revival at the Monterey Jet Center. This trio will also appear August 19 at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, as a result of a partnership with the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Beginning Thursday, August 18, at the Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley, McLaren Automotive will host The McLaren Driver Experience, providing 30-minute 570S and 570GT test drives along Laureles Grade Road for prospective owners and enthusiasts*. The Bernardus Lodge will also house an array of iconic heritage race cars, several of which will all have their engines started at various times during The McLaren Brand Experience hosted by Amanda McLaren, daughter of founder Bruce McLaren. The heritage cars include:

M2B/1 – 1966 – Formula 1, the very first McLaren Formula 1 Grand Prix car.
M8D/4 – 1970 – Can-Am Championship, an evolution of the Can-Am Championship-winning M8B that won all 11 races through the previous season, crowning Bruce McLaren as Champion for the second time and completing a clean sweep of three successive Can-Am Constructors Championships.
M23A/9 – 1975 – Formula 1, the car that led Emerson Fittipaldi to his second Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship and gave McLaren its first Constructors Championship.
MP4-2/2 – 1984 – Formula 1, which won three Drivers Championships and two Constructors Championships and is still considered the most successful chassis in Formula 1 history.

At the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, August 21, McLaren Special Operations will also reveal a unique project on the concept lawn, the details of which will be announced shortly.

==> Monterey Car week, quand commence the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2016, Planning & Live

Design de la McLaren 570GT by MSO

Ainsi, le département de personnalisation de McLaren, MSO, est a bossé élégamment élément par élément sur le concept de la 570GT, présenté plus tôt dans l’année à Geneva, ici montré à Pebble Beach.

McLaren expose au concours d’Élégance de Pebble Beach, officiellement ce week-end, un concept de 570GT by MSO.

Les chics types du bespoke Team (de personnalisation) ont opté pour une carrosserie blanche, des panneaux brillants en fibre de carbone et une nouvelle ligne d’échappement en titane « boosté », ‘in a golden titanium nitride tint’, c’est encore + mieux que le métal habituel. Mais regardons surtout, c’est le toit. Ce prototype de travail de la 570GT dispose d’un toit électrochromatique.

électro ?…chromat ?

électrochromatique ?

En plus du verre classique avec sa couche protectrice antiUV, une couche supplémentaire électrochrome permet au toit de la 570GT by MSO Concept de changer d’opacité. Via une commande tactile, il est possible de moduler la teinte du toit à 5 niveaux depuis l’assombrissement absolu jusqu’à la transparence totale.

Bref, c’est beau et c’est d’exception, mais ça serra bientôt au catalogue de MSO.

McLaren 570GT by MSO - 2016 - onboard

McLaren 570GT by MSO – 2016 – onboard

McLaren 570GT by MSO - 2016 - side naming

McLaren 570GT by MSO – 2016 – side naming

McLaren 570GT by MSO - 2016 - front wheel

McLaren 570GT by MSO – 2016 – front wheel

Mclaren 570GT by MSO - 2016 - front / avant

Mclaren 570GT by MSO – 2016 – front / avant

McLaren 570GT by MSO - 2016 - rear / arrière

McLaren 570GT by MSO – 2016 – rear / arrière

Moteur de la McLaren 570GT by MSO

McLaren 570GT by MSO - 2016 - exhaust pipe

McLaren 570GT by MSO – 2016 – exhaust pipe

McLaren 570GT by MSO - 2016 - rear engine / capot moteur arrière

McLaren 570GT by MSO – 2016 – rear engine / capot moteur arrière

On se retrouve face à une très belle McLaren 570GT, comme si elle avait besoin d’être encore plus élégante dans sa robe blanche, animé de 570 ch, porté par son V8 3.8L de tradition McLaren since MP4-12C et survolté sur la P1, ou civilisé sur la 570GT, préparé circuit sur la 650S, 570S et autres … GT4.

Moteur M838T

Moteur M838T

McLaren 570GT by MSO concept debuts at Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance

McLaren Automotive has released details of the new McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept ahead of its debut on the famed 18th fairway of Pebble Beach golf course at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the world’s highest-profile competitive display of collector’s cars. The McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept will be displayed on the concept lawn where previously McLaren has displayed many of its concept and future models, not least the McLaren P1.

The McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept further accentuates the McLaren interpretation of a GT car. Previewing a collection of enhancements created by McLaren’s bespoke division MSO which was itself launched at Pebble Beach in 2012, the car is the first example of the recently-introduced 570GT to receive the attention of McLaren’s finest team of craftsmen and designers. They have added styling, feature and material enhancements such as an Electro-Chromic Roof that are all destined to become available through the MSO Defined portfolio.

Firstly, the McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept delivers an improved aural experience both for the driver and onlookers thanks to its new MSO Exhaust system. Manufactured from titanium and consequently 30% lighter than the standard stainless steel system, the MSO Exhaust takes learnings from the McLaren 675LT project, delivering a progressively richer and more characterful tone more immediately as the revs rise than the standard exhaust. The MSO Exhaust’s heat shields are also finished in a golden titanium nitride tint, visible through the rear air ducts, which naturally change colour to a blue/purple as the system heats and cools through its cycle.

Externally, the McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept is finished in Elite ‘Pearl White’ paintwork. Complementing the Pearl White finish is an MSO Piano Black package, delivering a deep gloss black finish to exterior details including the wheels, side skirt, front and rear and door inserts, as well as interior details.

Recognising the heat of the Californian summer, the McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept features an Electro-Chromic Roof. Currently in development for the 570GT, the Electro-Chromic Roof takes the standard-fit glass roof with UV-protective interlayer and adds a further electro-chromic interlayer. Using a touch-sensitive headlining, the Electro-Chromic Roof can be adjusted through five defined points from almost clear to a rich, dark tint, adding a further level of comfort, privacy and protection for occupants.

Completing the exterior treatment of the McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept are MSO Defined Full-Length Sill Panels in Gloss Carbon Fibre. These beautifully complex, gloss-lacquered option cover the entire length of the 570 GT’s sills.

Internally, the 570GT by MSO Concept features a ‘By McLaren’ luxury interior in Saddle Tan with an integrated 12-speaker Bowers and Wilkins Hi-Fi system. Harmonising with the enhanced exterior carbon fibre content, the Concept features the MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Interior Pack in Gloss Lacquer. To complete the bespoke nature of the Concept, interior components, interior door inserts and tunnel sides are all finished in a rich gloss lacquer.

‘This is the second consecutive year that McLaren Special Operations has used the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance to demonstrate our capabilities on Sports Series cars. Last year, soon after the launch of the 570S, we showed the 570S ‘by MSO’ which featured the uniquely formulated Mauvine Blue paint finish coupled with a bespoke interior finished in Carbon Black leather with coordinating detailing, carried through from the exterior colour.

This year, closely following the reveal of the GT addition to the Sports Series family, we showcase the breadth of McLaren Special Operations personalisation work, this time focussing on bespoke engineering design and components. With its Electro Chromic Roof especially, the McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept would be well suited to the needs and demands of customers in sunnier and warmer climates.’ - Paul Mackenzie, Executive Director of McLaren Special Operations

The McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept builds upon the recently-introduced 570GT – the most luxurious and refined McLaren to date. Offering up to 370 litres of storage, plus a suspension and steering that’s finely-tuned to deliver longer-distance comfort, the 570GT is the most road-biased McLaren to date with a focus on day-to-day usability.

The front luggage area provides 150 litres of stowage, while a further 220 litres of space is available behind the seats on the leather-lined Touring Deck. This additional space is accessed via the side opening Glass Hatch bringing the total storage space for the 570GT to 370 litres. The Glass Hatch opens on the kerbside whether left- or right-hand drive and is framed by carbon fibre providing significant torsional rigidity.

Under the skin, the long-distance comfort is created by fine tuning of the suspension, including a reduction in spring rate stiffness of 15 percent at the front and 10 percent at the rear. Independent adaptive dampers can be dynamically adjusted through Normal, Sport and Track settings. In addition, the electro-hydraulic steering system offers a two percent reduced ratio, specifically designed to smooth out driver inputs at high cruising speed.

The 570GT is fitted with the McLaren-developed 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 M838TE engine. Power and torque output is 570PS (562bhp) and 600 Nm (443lb ft) respectively and power is delivered to the rear wheels via a seven-speed seamless-shift transmission with adjustment through Normal, Sport and Track settings to produce one of the most rewarding and engaging driving experiences in the sports car class.

In common with all McLaren models since the introduction of the MP4-1 Formula 1 car in 1981, the 570GT uses a carbon fibre chassis. The MonoCell II debuted in the 570S Coupé, and is shared across the Sports Series models. Weighing just 75kg, the lightweight yet extremely stiff chassis contributes to a dry weight of 1,350kg (2,976lb).

This delivers breathtaking performance more commonly seen in the supercar segment: 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 3.4 seconds, 0-200 km/h (0-124 mph) in 9.8 seconds, with a top speed of 328 km/h (204 mph).

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