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New York Auto Show : World Premieres +Planning Press Conference +Live #NYIAS 2015

Le salon New York International Auto Show va bientôt ouvrir ses portes et accueillir la presse, puis le public, à partir du 3 jusqu’au 12 avril 2015. Ici, on présente l’édition 2015 du salon qui a connu 115 années d’histoires et de premières mondiales pour le marché automobile américain. Découvrez le programme avec les horaires des conférences, les live tweets et les principaux modèles qui sont attendus.

2015 New York International Auto Show

English summary: The New York International Auto Show will soon open its doors and welcome the press and the public, from 3 until 12 April 2015. Here, we present the 2015 edition of the show that has experienced 115 years of stories and world premieres for the US auto market. Discover the program with conference schedules, live tweets and models are expected.

Yes I write in French and English this post because, via DESIGNMOTEUR, I got an official web access press, like as in march, I got with the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, and in october 2014, I was accredited Press Blogger for Mondial de l’Automobile 2014. So, now, sometimes according to the potential audience, I write post in two languages. The English text is emphasis italic. Just, I hope that my English is ok. I improve every day! Tout ne sera pas traduit, mais l’essentiel le sera. - Ewen, Team Principal DESIGNMOTEUR

New York International Auto Show

As the 2015 New York International Auto Show prepares to open its doors, automakers are planning the largestever lineup of new vehicle debuts in the Show’s 115-year history to wow the press and public. In addition to the excitement of the 60+ car and truck intros, the Show is hosting a wide range of important industry events attracting automobile executives and members of the media from around the world. The NADA/J.D. Power Automotive forum hosted by the Auto Show helps kick things off on Tuesday, March 31 featuring legendary investor Warren Buffet as the event’s keynote. Two days of back-to-back press conferences (April 1 & 2) plus the World Car Awards, Nielsen’s TV Advertising Awards, and the Gala Preview charity event close out press days, paving the way for North America’s largestattended auto show, which runs April 3-12.

Il y a quelques 60 première mondiales annoncées, en cette veille d’ouverture du salon à New York. Les constructeur se prépare à présenter leur nouveau modèles à la presse et au public. Warren Buffet est invité à la keynote d’inauguration. Les 1 et 2 avril mettront à l’honneur la communication des constructeur via les traditionnelles conférences de presse et show spectaculaires. Il y a aura également les World Car Awards d’annoncés, qui celebrates their 10th anniversary.

World Car of the Year Awards

Per the schedule above, the WCOTY will be awarded on Thursday 4/2 and there are several categories where automakers can get some nice NYIAS hardware. Categories include: World Car Design Award, World Luxury Car Award, World Green Car Award, World Performance Car Award, and World Car of the Year Award. Last year’s winners were some big names including the BMW i3, Porsche 911 GT3, and Audi A3. This year promises to showcase more incredible cars vying for the crown.

2015 NYIAS live tweet

via @NYAutoShow

Planning 2015 NYIAS Press Conference +Teaser

Lors des salons automobiles et les constructeurs sont présents via le numérique et propose le plus souvent un livestream en direct de leurs grandes conférences sur leurs sites Web ou sur des plateformes media. Avoir une conférence de presse ne signifie pas nécessairement révéler un nouveau véhicule, mais cela peut dire que nous aurons une des informations sur les véhicules existants, des restylages, ou bien de nouvelles stratégies du constructeur et de la marque.

With auto shows and auto makers becoming more and more digital, most usually have a live stream of their major auto show press conferences on their websites. Be sure to check each automakers website along with the NYIAS website when your favorite company has their conference to be able to check out the new reveals or announcements. Having a press conference doesn’t necessarily mean revealing a new vehicle, but it does mean that we’ll get a plethora of information on existing vehicles, possible updates to vehicles, new campaign strategies.


9:10am-9:35am Lexus

The Lexus Rx series of autos are a massive draw for Lexus, accounting for nearly 40% of all Lexus sales. The new 2016 Rx is set to bow at NYIAS. This teaser is an GIF!

9:45am-10:10am Chevrolet

Chevy is set to unveil a newly redesigned Chevrolet Malibu at this year’s show and judging by the silhouette, it’s looking quite nice. Last generation was a step in the right direction. Looks a bit Chrysler 200ish in the back. The teaser shot of the new Chevrolet Spark looks a lot like the last one, but this compact hatch has proven to be popular and pretty fun.

10:15am-10:40am Jaguar Land Rover

With all the fanfare the F-type has received and with the Jaguar XE coming out soon, it feels as though other JLR models have become an afterthought. But the reality is Jaguar Land Rover has a bunch of other very handsome cars in their fleet. One shining example is the Jaguar XF and it’s set for a refresh, making it’s public debut at NYIAS.

La nouvelle Jaguar XF devance le NYIAS 2015. Le félin fait son show sur des filins à Londres !

The Range Rover Sport had been out for a while, but this new HST variant will give a gloriously supercharged V6 along with a Gesture Tailgate and the introduction of Automatic Access Height. Full details at the show.

10:45am-11:10am Lincoln

11:15am-11:40am Porsche

11:45am-12:15pm Mercedes-Benz/smart

Mercedes shows the all-new GLE-class debut at NYIAS!

12:25pm-1:10pm Subaru

1:20pm-1:45pm Kia

Well now. What have we here? The hugely popular Kia Optima is going to be redesigned and it was just announced that we’ll get a sneak peek at what the future Kia flagship will look like. Our review of the last Optima was not favorable even though we did really like the exterior styling, but if this picture is even a small glimpse as to what we might be getting, it gives the new version exponential hope.

1:55pm-2:20pm Honda

2:25pm-2:50pm Cadillac

2:55pm-3:20pm McLaren

The big news. Rarely do you see a major super/hypercar manufacturer have a mega, new model reveal outside of Geneva, Tokyo, Frankfurt, or Detroit. We’re eagerly anticipating the new Sports Series (possibly named the 570S) and will bring full coverage when debuted, we’re assuming, during the McLaren Press Conference.

3:25pm-3:50pm Infiniti

Infiniti has made some excellent crossovers in recent years and now with the new nomenclature is set to unveil it’s updated QX50 (formerly known as the Ex37) and hope to have the same sort of success. With possibly more confusion. Can’t keep these names straight.

3:55pm-4:15pm Hyundai

The Hyundai Tuscon makes debt at NYIAS.

4:20pm-5:00pm Rolls-Royce


8:45am-9:45am World Car Awards Press Conference

9:55am-10:20am Nissan

Nissan Maxima debuted during the superbowl ad, but we’ll get to see the refresh live in person with all it’s swoopy glory. This debuted during the superbowl ad (FR post with videos), but we’ll get to see the refresh live in person with all it’s swoopy glory.

10:25am-10:50am Volkswagen

10:55am-11:20am Chevrolet

11:30am-12:20pm Mitsubishi

The teaser of Mitsubishi Outlander shot hold a lot of promise.

12:30pm-12:55pm Toyota
Scion (Toyota) with the iA sedan will finally be revealed and the question will then become, “Is Scion set to be come more than Toyota Lite?”

2015 NYIAS Worlds Premieres

2015 NYIAS: Concept Cars


The Buick Avenir – French for future – will be the new flagship sedan. This new design is centered around passenger well-being and technology integration. We can expect to see a nine-speed paddle-shift auto transmission, driver-selectable suspension damping, and a twin-clutch AWD system. This automobile will also come equipped with a next-gen direct injected V-6 with cylinder deactivation.


Chevy is showing off the Colorado ZR2. This concept will be equipped with a new 2.8 liter Duramax diesel engine with 181 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. First revealed in Detroit’s North America International Auto show, The Bolt will also make an appearance. The all electric vehicle is estimated to offer more than 200 miles of range.


The Hyundai Santa Cruz concept is a crossover-truck design. Hyundai hopes to appeal to millenials and non-traditional truck buyers with this concept. Powered by a 2.0 liter turbo-diesel with 190 hp and mileage in the 30’s, this sleek crossover-truck will serve much utility without all the hassle of full-size pickup.


The Infiniti QX30 concept showcases an evolved design language with complex character lines and sharper edges. This crossover will surely turn some heads as it provides a handsome alternative in a typically vanilla lineup of small SUVs.


Kia is bringing triplets this year. The Soul’ster, The Track’ster, and The Trail’ster. These distinctive designs are built off the Soul platform.

2015 NYIAS: Supercars

Aston Martin Vulcan

The Vulcan looks drastically different than your current Aston Martin offerings, and is expected to be the new design language for the British carmaker’s stable. This supercar will produce in excess of 800 hp made possible by a non-boosted 7.0 liter V12 engine.

Aston Martin Vulcan s’éveille : supercar conçue pour la course avec moteur V12 de 800 ch.

Ford GT

We were all stunned by the reveal of the new Ford GT during the 2015 Detroit North American International Auto Show. The powerplant is a twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 and is expected to yield more than 600 hp while the concept’s body is constructed of lightweight carbon fiber. We look forward to on-road performance numbers once this concept hits production in a couple of years.

Ford GT : du Mans 1966 à Detroit 2015 au Mans 2016 ? Présentation de la Ford GT au NAIAS 2015

McLaren 675LT

Only 500 units will exist in this world. Powered by a twin turbo 3.8 liter V8, the track-built 675LT will produce 666 BHP and 515 lb-ft of torque. Combined with a carbon-fiber hull, the 650S’ better and more athletic brother, is expected to dash to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds.

McLaren 675LT : moteur V8 de 3,8 litres bi-turbo : le 0 à 100 km/h en 2.9 secondes avec 675 ch.


We had the pleasure of speaking with Christian Von Koenigsegg himself at last year’s NYIAS when he brought the Agera-R to the east coast. This year we can expect to see the Koenigsegg ONE:1, which is decidedly both an awful name and menacing statistic: One kilogram to One horsepower. This is the world’s first ‘MEGACAR’ capable of making one megawatt of power, that’s more than 1300 hp!

Koenigsegg Agera RS l’hypercar au 1160 ch et la Koenigsegg Regera la megacar au 1500 ch.

Acura NSX

The Acura has been teased numerous times in both concept and pre-production form since 2012. The NSX will make another appearance at the 2015 NYIAS, this time with the production version that was unveiled in the Detroit earlier this year. The NSX will be the only hybrid among this fleet of supercars. Powered by three electric motors and a twin turbo’d V6, this NSX should have valid credentials to backup its supercar status.

NSX. La supercar aux 4 moteurs Honda. Présentation de l’Acura NSX next-gen au NAIAS 2015

Mercedes-AMG GT

In contrast to Acura’s hybrid supercar, the Mercedes-AMG GT is an old-school brawler supercar equipped with a 4.0 liter bi-turbo V8. Peak torque occurs at 479 lb-ft and is pretty flat from 1,750 to 4,750 RPMs. This hand built AMG engine pulls the GT from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds.

Mercedes-AMG GT : Moteur V8 4.0 litres biturbo 510 ch. Design révélé

NYIAS is coming soon

Liste non exhaustive +MAJ à venir
Non-exhaustive list + Update is coming

2015 New York International Automobile Show Poster Art

2015 New York International Automobile Show Poster Art

2015 New York International Automobile Show Poster Art

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New York International Auto Show

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